It’s about time we started using this blog!

So grade 8’s, here we go…

I want to know what you thought about the YouTube videos shown in class the other day (Thursday, Nov. 1). 

Both videos dealt with stereotypes of gender in media.  I, for one, found the way in which black males are stereotyped in hip hop culture to be very disturbing. I am not a black male (obviously!) but I found myself getting angry at all the assumptions made about what a black male is supposed to be; violent, aggressive, homophobic, sexist, vulgar…the list goes on and on. 

I could go on and on, but I want to hear your thoughts and opinions. 

Feel free to write your first blog and join in on what I hope will be an engaging discussion of media portrayals of gender stereotypes.

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59 thoughts on “It’s about time we started using this blog!

  1. I agree that the video about men in hip hop was disturbing! I have younger brothers and they are so into hip hop culture. The walk around with their pants hanging below their waists and they know every line to every rap song on BET. I hate to think about what they’ll become if they contine to emulate their hip hop idols in every way…

  2. Hi Ms.Townshend!! I think the media study we’ve been doing in class is cool! It’s great to explore the media’s point of view and how that adds onto stereotypes. The videos we saw in class were on quite a mature level. It showed many clips from videos, music videos and interviews. I learned that media created the rule: Manhoood is gun, violence,etc. They appear fierce, brave, courageous and cool. I think that’s really stupid because violence only leads to trouble. What’s so cool about going to jail. Unless you’re a guy who wants to be notorious, I suggest you don’t do such things. Another factor I want to mention is that music video featuring Nelly was seriously wrong! I could’ve barfed right there but I needed to know what the message of the video was. I think the message of that particular video.

  3. I’ve got to say that the music video featuring Nelly was disgusting! But what grossed me out even more was the fact that the young lady in that video was portrayed as an ATM machine. Talk about wrong! It was even sort of sad and I don’t any sane person who would even think of watching such a video. In every household, there is guaranteed to be atleast one person offended by that scene. I don’t understand why people make such videos to be publicly displayed. The world’s a mystery all right.

  4. After I watched this video, I have agreed with it. Many people are into hip hop but they treat women as objects. What I can’t believe is that women are trying to offend themselves by telling the public they are used as objects. Women are not treated the same way as men are treated. For example women athletes aren’t really shown as ‘athletes’ as men are shown. Both men and women aren’t treated equally and aren’t viewed equally either. Women try to dicriminate themselves for the money and fame.

  5. As I was saying, The message of that Hip Hop video shows that although alot has changed from back in the days and now, women are still shown in a less powerful way. Media tries to make women appear vulnerable. A 35-year old women could appear inoocent while a 12-year old boy couldn’t. These stereotypes expressed through media are what cause people to suspect men more than women. These acts of violence displayed in media teaches the world not to trust men.

  6. The second video, Playing Unfair really made me mad. First of all, what makes people think that guys are better in sports than girls. HELLO!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE LATTÉ! Sports has nothing to do with gender but the amount of effort, time and energy you put into it. I know several girls who are excellent athletes. They practice, try their best and have lots of fun while doing so. Guys aren’t born with a little micro-chip allowing them to do better in sports! They try hard and play the game. Girls do this as well and deserve the same amount of credit for doing so but unfortunately, media doesn’t seem to think so. Whenever female atheletes are in magazines, they are never displayed in an atheleteic form. they are ususallly in photos with their husbands, boyfriends and children. Sounds okay right?? WRONG!
    ……To be continued……

  7. Hi everyone!! I know I was supposed to continue my last entry but I just realised I had to tell you all some bad news. Some of you may have realised this but I’m gonna go on anyway. In the youtube video, where it showed Nelly, the video was called:” A Dime for Two Dozen”. At first I didn’t know what that meant but thanks to a secret source, I soon understood the whole thing. Basically it means a dime for two dozen women. It’s trying to say that women are WORTHLESS!!! Women, in this case are being dislayed as products. Imagine going to the store to pick up a loaf of bread when you see a sign saying: ” 50% SALE ON WOMEN”. It pains me to just think of it. It’s like being a slave all over again. Ann who is this perosn to go saying that women are WORTHLESS?? I mean everyone’s mom is a woman. If you respect your mother or grandmother than you should show that respect for all women.

  8. MEDIA is great. I personally love watching TV, watching music videos and listening to music. Sometimes media is awesome. It communicates messages in a creative and fun way. But at times media has its cons as well. Whatever media says is like law. This law develops so called stereotypes.

  9. I have to say that it’s unfair that men can be gay yet still keep their sponsorship. Females on the other hand, must show the world they are straight in order to keep their sponsorship. I don’t encourage people to be gay or lesbien but it totally their choice. They have the decision to what they want. But certain rules keep them from hididng their feelings.

  10. The video “Playing Unfair” is quite accurate when they say that female athletes don’t have equal coverage as male athletes. The media coverage hasn’t changed even though we have begun to accept that women can be talented athletes too. The main reasons are that men continue to dominate the media and are uncomfortable about seeing women as athletes. Apparently, men like seeing women in feminized media instead of being portrayed as an athlete. Even when female athletes are portrayed as athlete, they have children or things that are feminine objects with them. They are forced to do this because they might lose their corporate sponsorship instead. I agree that this extremely unfair. Even though they have the freedom to say no, a female athlete’s pay is considerably lower than a male’s , the corporate sponsorship most likely helps pay the grocery bills. I believe this is similar to manipulating the rights of human beings, forcing them to do something in order to survive, or at least live civilized.

  11. The Hip Hop clip is disgusting. Nelly’s song was extremely rude and his clip and attitude about women is wrong. Seriously, who actually would swipe their credit card down a woman’s backside in their right mind. The woman who let Nelly do that is either kinda psycho or is money-hungry. Apparently(in the 2nd scenario) she’s really crazy and doesn’t care what happens to her.
    Nelly’s credit card idea is really dumb. A lot of people will find that offensive, whether man or woman

  12. “Hip hop beyond beats” made me realize something extremly disturbing….why do ALL the girls in the video run around topless or are half naked while the guys are in winter coats, hats, etc… Why are the guys wearing winter wear while the girls are barley wearing anything at all? But why would the girls even want to be exploded like that anwayz? They must be extremly desprete for money…

    The guys in the videos are shown “macho” and “manly” because they hate gays and lesbians and because they are violent and carry weapons. But since when did being “manly” mean you had to kill or harm people? It dose not make sence to me. What worries me is that more and more teens will watch these videos and to be loved by peers and be resepected, they will act like the men in the videos.

  13. I found this video disturbing, but a good realization of the truth about stereotypes in hip hop culture. Displaying males as vulgar, violent and somehow related to guns, is the way men are portrayed in hip hop, and also, having more importance than women. In the music video, Nelly is seen swiping a credit card down a woman’s backside, implicating that he is somehow so important, that the women around him can be treated as objects of lesser value. Though the media uses the gun so often in Hollywood movies, video games, and everyday television shows, that it is somehow linked to being masculine. The hypermasculin image represented in hip hop tells men to be rude, violent and more powerful than women. Though they have no actual power, they think that being a man means being muscular, powerful and somehow more respected, and is shown to be that way in media texts. Media texts influence society more than any other factor, they are pretty much deciding the way people should act or think they should act or be treated. Though discrimination between genders isn’t very clear or easily recognized anymore, it still exists in the form of media texts and stereotypes

  14. Music influences teens everywhere. An example of this would be Soulja Boy Tell Em’s new video, “Crank That”. Everybody wants to do the soulja boy dance. But what if everybody who saw the Nelly video? Would they imitate that and swipe credit cards down women’s backsides?

  15. That is a scary thought, Thivyan. I think a lot of people might chuckle at your question, but when you think about it…are there really any limits to what some people are willing to do to be just like their musical idols (or “reality” t.v. stars)?

    Speaking of Soulja Boy: At our dance, I stood by when Crank That was played and witnessed the HUGE reaction. I had heard the song once or twice before, but had never clued in that it was a dance. People were really into it! I don’t think there’s (necessarily) anything wrong with that (music lovers have been learning dances that go with popular songs for years – just look at The Twist!). I just wonder if those same music lovers ever consider the messages behind the song or the dance…a little digging will reveal some disturbing interpretations of the song, Crank That. Only the artist knows for sure what the lyrics mean, but if this song is anything like the vast majority of hip hop/rap songs out there, I wouldn’t be surprised if the intended meaning is very similar to what Nelly raps about.

  16. personally i really doubt that crank that would be in any way simlar to nellys video. but at the same time you are very correct about how only the artists know what the lyrics mean.

  17. I so totally agree to that statement. Women have many stereotypes conflicted on them, as well as men which are sort of a cruel way they are catagorized. Media stereotypes are inevitable, especially in the advertising, entertainment and news industries, which need as wide an audience as possible to quickly understand information. Stereotypes act like codes that give audiences a quick, common understanding of a person or group of people—usually relating to their class, ethnicity or race, gender, sexual orientation, social role or occupation. One example would be the typical blonde. A common stereotype of a blonde would be that they were “stupid”. I am sure the majority of most blondes are rather different in their own way which makes stereootypes so harmful, hurtful and cruel.

  18. If you watch just about any rap/ hip hop video these days you’ll see alot of disturbing things. When we were watching the ‘Beyond Beats’ video I saw the same vulgarity. The sad part was that society is sooo used to this, now it doesnt really care. The main message in the video was that women are objects, they can be objectified. Nowadays its like a music video ‘rule’ to have half naked women and hyper-masculine men in them. In the movie, it showed part of Nelly’s music video. Yes this video was very disgusting and degrading to women, but society is okay with it. (which is not good) I bet out there, there are even worse videos than that, and its really sad becuase we all know that doing stuff like that is wrong.

  19. i no all you guys are blaming the rappers but it isn’t mainly there fault. The women have some say in this to i think, the women “AGREE” to go on this video half-naked they aren’t forced to so imagine if all these women went against it!!???
    So i wouldn’t blame it ALL on these rappers even though they have a part in it too!!

  20. Hello, good day.
    I think “Playing Unfair” was the one that made me start pondering the most about. Well, in my opinion, I believe that boys do have more “pure strength” than girls. I’m not saying that to be sexist, because after all, I am a girl and I do want to say good things about myself. But although there are many honourable and respectful female athletes, there are also an extreme number of distinguishing male athletes.
    For Nelly’s clip, I’m more embarrassed for the women who agreed to sell themselves there, than being angry at Nelly. What was he teaching his viewers when he made that video? Who could have gained something very positive from that video? But, those women were selling THEMSELVES. Now you ask, what if they were poor or needed income? Well, they could have gotten a part-time job anywhere. As long as they actually respected themselves and took the time to find a better place to work, they wouldn’t have had to go through that job.
    With all due respect,
    the Banana

  21. Hi Ms.Townshend! About the videos we’ve watched in class. The one called “Behond Beats” i think that the Nelly video was just plan disgusting, where the man treats the young women as a ATM machine. Siding a credit card down her lower backside. Threating them like objects, slaves even. We are all humans and it’s just crazy what they do in music videos, tv, video games and even movies.

    Also the video games and movies , where the men have guns and walking around shooting people for no reason at all. Looks right??? WRONG!!! Violence is not the answer, it’s never the answer.

  22. I think that artists in the hip-hop culture offend themselves when they make disrespectful and degrading videos about women and “empowering” videos about men. What they’re saying about themselves is that they don’t care what they do to a women, they’re men so they can do whatever they want. But who decided that? We are all people and we all have feelings- nobody wants to be seen as worthless. And what are people like Nelly and other artists achieving when they display such inappropriate behaviour? Respect? If doing something so morally wrong produces respect, I don’t even want to know what’s considered disrespectful.

  23. To tell you the truth, I think that Crank That is one of the most pointless songs ever. I’m not going to lie, I might listen to some pointless songs, but Crank That just takes it to the limit. He’s rapping with barely any meaning, and not to be mean but, he has no flow so it doesn’t really sound good, but that’s only my opinion. Now, back to the topic, to say that majority of rap songs out there are trying to give out the message of guns and degrading women, is wrong. If you look deeper into hip hop you will find that a lot of rappers rap with meaning and they are actually putting well written, meaningful, and tuneful lyrics into their songs. For example, if you look at a rapper like Tupac, one of his songs was Changes, in this song he talks all about how the world is slowly becoming a horrible place to live.He’s actually putting effort into his music, without using swearwords, or showing any guns, or degrading any women(and his flow is amazing). So to conclude, if you actually look out there you will find many artists who rap with meaning, songs that contain lyrics that could really change your opinion on hip hop. It’s bad to jump to a conclusion about rap, because there are still tonnes of hard working, meanfully rapping, artists out there.

    P.S. Thugs Masion by Tupac, Keep Ya Head Up by Tupac and many more songs are really meaningful, check them out!!!!!

  24. I knew why ” Playing Unfair” was called that way, because it was unfair.
    This video show that women athletes should have their feminime sides, not their masculine sides to be in a media (ex. front cover of sport magazines).
    Women athletes had to show their bodies, with their husbands or boyfriends, or babies and children.
    It said that by doing these stuff it showed that women athletes were heterosexual (or straight).
    I never feel that way, that is why I think some medias are unfair to do this to these women athletes.
    I think they could do anything they wanted, because it was their sports and they should had their rights, like men athletes could do.

  25. I’m totally with you Haroon on the Tupac tip (“Dear Mama” from his 3rd album, I think?) is one of my favoutite rap tracks. But, I don’t think there are enough Tupacs out there (right now) to drown out the negative voices that dominate the airwaves and the computer/t.v. screens. It’s sad to say, but sometimes for a rapper to have “street credibility” he or she has to find that edge in the lyrics and the lifestyle…for waaaay too many rap artisits, this edge seems to be about guns, violence and sex.

    I can’t help but wonder what kind of music Tupac would be making today if he were still around…

  26. The music industry has its goods and bads. Sometimes what’s shown in a music video can really have an impact on what people do and say. Most of the music lyrics today have inappropriate language. They also contain disturbing scenes throughout the music video. I really don’t understand any part of this. They have so much power and they use it for evil. There are so many uses and important messages people could travel throughout the power of music.

  27. im not against all rapperc cause some of them actually have meaning when they rap, some talk about there lives and stuff like that. But the video beyond the beats really made me see more into this Hip-Hop culture. I don’t really blame the rappers that much for degrading women because those women are not FORCED too go on those videos half naked they agree. for the playing unfair video I really am shocked cuz i really didnt see how women are being treated especially women who play sports !

  28. In the beyond beats video, they said that when they think of men they think of guns and violence. I think the only reason they think of guns and violence is because in our society, crimes occur and the majority of the crimes were commited by men. Also in movies there is always the same kind of violence. I’m not really sure why…but I think the producers create these movies because they think that the audience likes that kind of violence and would want to see it some more. Well, that is their job, trying to sell their movie and have one of the top ratings. But personally I think that those violence movies are only going to harm our society. The movies will influence the audience into crimes and make them think that guns and violence is okay to our society. But the truth is that the violence movies are only creating more violence and harm to the society and could be putting many people’s lives in danger. In music videos and movies, women are treated like useless and worthless objects. I don’t think that should happen because women are not objects, they are human just like men. In that music video, the artist swiped the credit card down the backside. I felt really uncomfortable watching that because it’s just wrong to do such a horrible thing to women. So before they should do anything to anybody they should think… Would I like it if they did the same to me?….They should think of that question because they could be hurting someone’s feelings or offending the audience. I think that the video Beyond beats and rhythm has required me to think about a lot of things in different ways. If it weren’t for that video, I wouldn’t have noticed about the violence and things that go on in our society and have had people to think in very different ways and looking into different perspectives.

  29. I have to agree that the videos were very disturbing. I don’t think that men have some kind of higher rank than women and women shouldn’t be treated in such a way that they are running around half-naked just for a music video, even if it means nothing to them. Also, men are displayed and portrayed as violent and vulgar people armed with weapons and constantly fighting. Guns, and fighting are often seen in movies and other forms of media, but somehow that’s what some people assume what being a man really means. Media obviously has a great impact on people in our society, and these videos prove that.

  30. The society has many different opinions on women athletes. In order for women athletes to become reconizable they would have to show that they are femine or they would have to strip. They would also have to be heterosexual to be accepted by the society. The society feels more comfortable I dont think those factors are necessary to become reconized. I think that female athletes should be reconized by their amazing talents and specialization in their certain sport. The athletes are so desperate to be reconizable they take pictures of themselves with children and a husband to clearly announce that they are heterosexual. Many people think that women are weak and cannot play sports. I dont think that it is right for the society to treat women that way because women can be just as good as men in sports.Women should be accepted as a talented athlete not as a stripper. So why can’t women do anything a man can do?

  31. Hi again! I just wanted to add onto the playing unfair comment. The video was saying that women are NEVER shown as atheletes throughout media. Well they are wrong. Women are quite often shown as atheletes. In some magazines there are often a picture of a female tennis player furiously hitting a tennis ball. She is quite sweaty in a white suit. Not exactly glamorous.

  32. The youtube videos we watched in class were disturbing, but that dose not mean that all rappers and hip hop artists are bad. Some of them might rap about guns and degrading women, but I think that some of them are forced to rap about that stuff because they don’t have anything else to rap about so they rap about the things that maybe a certain popular rapper is rapping about. Or some rappers may be forced by the media to rap about these things because since there are so many other rappers that are rapping about guns, and degrading women that if a rapper dose not rap about those things then it will make them stick out in a bad way. For example there is a song called “Read a Book” by Lil Jon. This song has a lot of swearing but he is trying to send a message to tell people to read a book, and it still shows images of guns. I don’t get how that is going to help anyone!

  33. When I watched this video I was disgusted by this vulgarity, The “beyond beats”, it got me thinkin about how society uses and abuses women. I know this is wrong, that’s why i decided to cut down on viewing hip hop and R & B music video,
    as they showed bad images.-_ -;;!

  34. The video contents of the first video disgusted me. Degrading women like that is wrong. Degrading anyone is WRONG. Period. Hyper- masculinity is just pointless. To go around with guns, shooting each other… I just don’t get it. The video really opened up my eyes to society these days. Women NEED to be equally respected as men.

  35. Now a days I have realized the hip hop/rap music videos are really distrubing. The the main message of this video was that women are being used asan object. These days rappers are trying to make themselves look hyper- masculine like being built, owning a gun, having tatooes, pericings, smoking, doing drugs, being rich and having girls around them. Now i have decided to limit myself watching these videos.

  36. It’s not fair how people think boys are much better than girls.well…… i say girls are the same. i wonder why? but when ever I take a look at the newspaper on the front page its always about boys playing sports or some kind of accident.when girl athletes has to take pictures they have to be with there family or boyfriend and,even wear a dress. they don’t have the choice saying yes or no.

  37. The message of the two videos we watched on youtube is women are being expoitied in real life and they are treated as objects. If they are athletes they are not treated as athletes. They are portrayed as in a certain way. When the’re in a picture they’re with their family or in a pornigraphic way. Also in the videos men are hyper masculin. Hyper masculin means the man thinks he’s macho, have a lot of girls, they have a lot of money, they have bling, bliang and they have earing and tatoos.

  38. The video we watched on Youtube was gross and nasty!!!The one i’m going to talk about is beyond beats.What an embarassment? What do these ladies think there doing in front of the camera? I know what there were doing there were embarassing thereselves and there parents.These ladies think it’s ok to be on t.v. and on internet half naked!!! I feel sorry for these girls because they have no self control.

  39. In the hip hop video the girls were degrated and used for atm machines and the hip hop video feturing NELLY was using girls for inaprproite stuff.the guys might have been forced to do wat they dont want to do and the guys were using thier guns to show off thier masculinity to get girls and ‘say that they have power over all the other guys and in the other video girls were set in a pose that they didnt want to do.

  40. The video” Beyond Beats” was disturding to watch, but it left an important message. It showed how women, or more specificaly black women were being viewed by black men, (Nelly and 50 Cent are the two examples the video gave us.) It also showed how men with guns tend to make them look more powerful. In many rap videos, they tend to to show hyper-masculine and half nakes women but scociety seems to think that that is okay even if it’s very discusting and disturbing.

  41. The videos we watched on You tube was very informative to the audience watching about how the society feels about each gender, and how they are produced or shown in media. This media text shows the audience how each gender is thought as in our world and also how little stereotypes made up can play a big part in media. For example; boys are violent. That is a stereotype that in are used in many movies that are intended for boys. Another thing is that the society still thinks girls or women not capable of doing things like men. Adevertisements and such show, women femenized even if they are atheletes. These insult many of the audience that are wathcing these types of videos. The media should try and understand the fact that women are just as good as men.

  42. The video we watched on Youtube was gross and nasty!!!The one i’m going to talk about is beyond beats.Its such an embarassment? When ppl think what there were doing there were embarassing thereselves and there parents.These ladies think it’s ok to be on t.v. and on internet half naked!!! BUT the point is they were not FROCED to go on tv half naked or the internet

  43. This is a committe about althets…The message of the video we watched on youtube is women are being expoitied in real life and they are treated as objects. If they are athletes they are not treated as athletes. They are portrayed as in a certain way. When the’re in a picture they’re with their family or in a pornigraphic way. Also in the videos men are hyper masculin. Hyper masculin means the man thinks he’s macho, have a lot of girls, they have a lot of money, they have bling, bliang and they have earing and tatoos.

  44. I think these videos were disguisting & offending in a way, but was able to raise our awareness about how society actually portrays men & woman. The “Beyond Beats” video talked about black men, in the hip-hop culture. Men have to be hupermasculine & be tough and undescructable. The main message is that to be famous, you have to have a gun, abs, money, nice cars & girls all around you. Our society basically encourages violence. i think in hip-hop videos, teen & even people of all ages are encouraged to follow all of the images and clip that are presented in these videos. The video “Playing Unfair” was a good clip to raise the awareeness of power in woman. I personally think that woman do not have much power. Even though woman have fought for rights in the past, we still don’t have the power to say “no” to things. Our society requires girls to be girly and it’s a huge stereotype. I think the world should realize that a lot of woman have a lot of potential to be even better than men in sports.

  45. So when i saw the beyond beats video i was totally and thoroughly digusted. The way people are making it seen that women are objects is silly. when people come out you see girls half naked (which they have agreed to do). Also id like to point out that Pinks”stupid girls” descibes us sometimes so well it scares me. there is a line that goes “What happened to the dreams of a girl president, She’s dancing in the video next to 50 Cent” that line is saying that we are giving up our dreams just to dance dirty with famous rappers. But thats there life, not mine, so, whatever

  46. The music video “Beyond The Beats” was targeted to black women and men. As we all know in hip hop/rap videos men have to look hypermasculine and powerful meaning owning a gun , having lots of money, women around them, piercings and several tatoos on their body. Well in the video “Beyond The Beats”, Nelly and 50 Cent were two examples. In Nelly’s video he treats women leik an ATM machine, he slides a credit card down her back. Which leads to my next point about the woman in the music videos. Now days i think woman are showing way to much cleavage! They’re on music videos half naked, which is very disturbing to watch and unappropriate! As being a girl i feel offended because woman are jus as equal as men, and it is sad to see that these kind of music videos are being released more and more everyday.

  47. Before watching this video(beyond the beats) I thought it was going to be a regular music video.but during this video i was thinking to myself that how gender types is being used in the year 2007 where society must have changed in some way.because in this video men are showing their power in a hyper-masculan way because in rap videos they usually have weapons/guns in their hands,or cigars in their mouth,or have tatooes on them,also when they have women around them and giving $cash$ out from their hands.Then there’s the women’s part of the videos where they dress un appropiratly and pose in dirty ways espicially in rap or hip-hop videos.but to tell you the truth i think it’s their fault for acting in rap or music videos because they should have thought to themselves if they didn’t want to pose/act tht way they should’ve not because they have to think of themselves how the audiences and society would describe them and not think of how popular they would be or how much money they would make, and if they still go on and don’t care about themselves then i would call them……i also think it is now usual/normal for this behaviour to continue on rap/hip-hop music videos.So as a final conclusion i would say that rap/hip-hop videos are trying to show that men have a higer level then women to treat them in an inappropriate way or in other words that women are being used as anything else other then a stripper

  48. i think that the girls were alittle disturbing to me becuase they were wearing cloths that were likke showing there body and there legs like that they were not wearing any cloths.that sureprise me when we say that male in hip hop only weant girls that show you there body and how they r in there bra and underwear and that was kinda disturbing to me tyhat males only like the girls in that way

  49. When I saw the Playing Unfair video I was offended. Me being a gymnast makes me a female athlete. When i see the way these girls dress for shots is funny because its sooo not them. You look at it and see the girly girl side that they might not feel comfortable showing, I mean were not ALL Paris Hilton’s. Then there are people who don’t mind, Being with boyfriends, family and in long sparkly nighttime gowns, But thats them. Still I belive even if you are an athlete you are still affected by the media the way they make you dress with no choice. Also you can tell when its a guy who thought up the comecial say for example a “always” commercial. They pour the blue liquid onto it to let you see how well it absorbs and how thin it is. Well i don’t need that i can try for myself thank you very much.

  50. The ‘Playing Unfair’ video really opened my eyes to how society treats females, especially female athletes. I think its really sad that people, mainly guys cant get over the fact that women can play sports too. They are being very stereotypical, they believe that women should fit in a very specific mould. When ever you look at a magazine with female athletes in them, you hardly ever see them playing their sport. The are usually with family or kids because society believes that women should portray this image. I think that this ‘image’ is wrong, women should be able to do whatever they want. They shouldn’t be forced into stuff like this.
    Like, if i were an athlete and they asked me to put on a dress and pose i would say no. Simply becasue thats not who I am. The whole reason I’m in the magazine in the first place is becasue I am good at what I do. I don;t want to act all fake, if i were to be in a magazine, i would want ot be pictured playing sports, now posing, and pretending to be what society wants me to be.

  51. The Youtube video “Beyond Beats” we saw in class was very disturbing but I think it also reflects a social phenomenon. Men are stereotyped as being hypermasculine, and women are simply seen as objects and their status is a vivid comparison to the status men have in Hip-Pop. Our society is deeply affected by Hip-Pop culture because people who listen to Hip-Pop music will be stereotyped by the message in Hip-Pop. As for the video “Playing Unfair”, it shows women athletes have to show their feminine side to attract attention. Because the society are mostly interested in their personal life, rather than their prefession of playing sports.

  52. I just wanted to add onto the playing unfair comment. The video was saying that women are NEVER shown as atheletes throughout media. Well they are wrong. Women are quite often shown as atheletes. In some magazines there are often a picture of a female tennis player furiously hitting a tennis ball. She is quite sweaty in a white suit. Not exactly glamorous……………………

  53. Hip Hop Beyond the beats and Rhythms is the eximnation of manhood and sexism in hip hop. Violent masculinty is at the heart of American.So is hip hop hyper-violent, hyper- msculin, hyper-aggresive. Is hip hop being shown in a negative way? This video helped anwser this question, just how are manhood and women are being potrayed in today’s music videos? For example that guns are the very symbol of what it means to be a real man. Not only in music videos does the same hyper violence seen. Music, Sports Culture, Video Games and Miltary Culturealso hold that same type of violence.Also, hip hop sometimes can be associated with the discrimnation of women.For example the way that women are being potrayed as bitches and hoes beacause new rappers are following he example of other rappers that women are worthless. The thing that is distrubing is the negative trends in the world of rap music that are being over looked.So is this the represtntions of men in hip hop?

  54. I personally have witnessed stereotypes quite often and see many reasons why people use them in everyday life. People give false generalizations about those who may not even encountered. For example, if we are walking through a park late at night and face three senior citizens wearing fur coats and walking with canes, we may not feel as threatened as if we were met by three high school-aged boys wearing leather jackets. Why is this so? We have made a generalization in each case. These generalizations have their experiences we have had ourselves, read about in books and magazines, seen in movies or television, or have had related to us by friends and family. In many cases, these stereotypical generalizations are reasonably accurate. Yet, in almost every case, we are resorting to prejudice by discribing characteristics about a person based on a stereotype, without knowledge of the total facts. By stereotyping, we assume that a person or group has certain characteristics. Quite often, we have stereotypes about persons who are members of groups with which we have not had firsthand contact.

  55. This is the review of hiphop culture i was supposed to hand in, but didnt know we were supposed to blog our response.

    Music influences teens all around the world. Hip hop culture, however influences us in a bad way. Hip hop culture demean women and homosexual people, and promote guns and profanity. Hip hop culture harass women and demean them by calling them Bi**ches and Sl**s which is wrong. Some artists like 50cent, 2pac and so on promote profanity, voilence, guns, homemade weapons and so on. But most artists aren’t all profane. A great artist would be Eminem. He dedicates his rap songs toward’s his daughters Haily and Arisa, and his wife. He has meaning towards his songs and i think he is a romodel towards other rap artists.

    Response To Playing Unfair

    The message from this video is how athletic women are portrayed. Men think sport-playing women arew weak, supportive and sexual trophies. They think Men are more physicaly built then women, which is not true. If women want to become who they strive to be, it is 100% right for women. Men do not have the rights to give stereotypical statements about women in a sport which is why i think how women are portrayed in the video is wrong.

    Its been about 3 weeks i think and i still dont understand many things about this topic.Firstly how did people in the HIP-HOP Culture. Come up with Degrading women. Well to put it more clearly Why do they need to degrade Women like that? All that comes to my mind is they’re trying to make themselves look tougher and maybe cooler.
    And somthing else I dont get is Why Are manhood And Power represented by guns?
    P.S. If anyone has the answer please let me know or blog about it thankyou

  57. I think the video we saw called “Beyond the beats” was makeing it look like nelly was just using the girl to put the credit card do her backside. It makes it seem the rappers use the girls to do that kind of stuff and treat them like objects just to make there video look all that. Maybe the rappers think it looks good but they have to understand that it isn’t right for all these young kids seeing them sliding cards down girls backside and useing them as a ATM machine.

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